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  • Image of Honey (500g)
  • Image of Honey (500g)
  • Image of Honey (500g)
  • Image of Honey (500g)
  • Image of Honey (500g)

Honey (500g)


Polyforal Honey
It is derived from the nectar of wild flowers in the mountain of northern Thailand. This honey is golden brown in colour, slightly sweet with mild aromatic scent. It is best when added to juices and smoothies as a cold or iced beverage.

Longan Honey
Longan Honey is Thailand's unique high grade honey and is produced by bees that fed by nectar of Longan flowers. It can increase and help the nutrients absorption in body, reduce acid in the stomach, fatigue, stress and can improve metabolism. Longan flower honey has vitamin C, vitamin B and Calcium.

Lychee Honey
Lychee honey is amber light in colour with the mild scent of lychee flower and is produced by bees that fed of nectar of Lychee flowers
It is a good source of antioxidants, energy booster, and it slows down our aging process which benefits our skin and it reduce fatigue.
This honey is also known as Queen Honey and it is very popular with all ages due to its aromatic flavour.

Lime Honey (NEW)
Currently only available in 500g, it is known for their flavour and their benefits. It has overflowing antioxidants that heightens the body's natural ability to heal